Magic Silicone is a thin and dark colored silicone pad designed to measure/quantify touch and convert it to digital data. It can be manufactured at any uniform or non-uniform shape to transform any flexible surface into highly sensitive, multi-touch digital touch surface.  In this example; magic silicone is placed underneath of the rear center-stack of the vehicle to control the multimedia. The application demonstrates how magic silicone can be used to convert the upholstery into a control unit.

Sensobright Smart Surface technology contains our unique Magic Silicone, one of our internationally patented technologies. Any force or pressure stimuli on it causes a color change proportional to the magnitude of the force applied. Hence, the force map on the silicone surface can be evaluated according to the color intensity. Video data is fed to a computation unit, converting it into digital data through image processing.

Smart Surface technology is compatible with any pliable surface, including textiles, plastics, and metals, and is resistant to fluids and magnetic interferences, allowing for versatile use under harsh conditions.

Sensobright Smart Surface can even function as a touchpad itself, providing touch data from the flexible layer that is added on top. This layer can be made of any flexible material, such as artificial leather, fabric, or even paper, and can be in any uniform or non-uniform shape, presenting endless possibilities for customization. Your everyday couch, embedded with Sensobright Smart Surface, could control your TV like a remote or operate your computer like a mouse. It can even be used to manage all components of a smart home.


Since Magic Silicone can be manufactured at any uniform or non-uniform shape it is adapted to fit underneath of the door armrest. In this example; magic silicone is used to convert the rear right door’s armrest upholstery into a switch to control the window.