Magic Silicone is a thin and dark colored silicone pad designed to measure/quantify touch and convert it to digital data. It can be manufactured at any uniform or non-uniform shape to transform any flexible surface into highly sensitive, multi-touch digital touch surface.  In this example; magic silicone is placed underneath of the rear center-stack of the vehicle to control the multimedia. The application demonstrates how magic silicone can be used to convert the upholstery into a control unit.

Sensobright Smart Surface is based on a technology that transforms any surface into a smart touch surface. This technology can even be applied under soft surfaces like fabric or leather enabling high-sensitivity multi-touch smart surface transformation without any alterations in surface geometry or texture.

Sensobright Smart Surface has a wide range of applications. It can be applied under auto upholstery to replace control knobs and buttons or under furniture upholstery to provide hidden, touch sensitive smart home controls all without compromising aesthetics.

The possibilities are endless: It can be used as a mouse to your computer, the remote control of your TV or to control all your smart home applications from the comfort of your couch. Isn’t it smart?

Exceptional environmental resilience allows Sensobright Smart Surface to register touch even on wet surfaces, making it the ideal solution for outdoor and maritime applications.

Highest sensitivity touch sensing capabilities combined with virtually unlimited flexibility in application and unmatched environmental resilience makes Sensobright Smart Surface the ultimate solution for any smart surface application.

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Since Magic Silicone can be manufactured at any uniform or non-uniform shape it is adapted to fit underneath of the door armrest. In this example; magic silicone is used to convert the rear right door’s armrest upholstery into a switch to control the window.