Our humanoid robot “Mr. V” was designed and built in-house to demonstrate our globally patented tactile sensor technology. 17 Direct, 19 indirect actuated total of 36 Degrees of freedom (including hands). Over 12 Hp total motors power and 1500 Nm torque. Despite these high power and torque, Mr. V can handle fragile objects with the help of very precise tactile sensors.

Humans feel touch best at their fingertips through 241 receptors per square centimeterFormer technologies could only provide tactile data with a resolution in the order of tens. Leveraging our 100+ internationally granted patents, technologies and game changing products, we can efficiently scale the number of receptors beyond human capabilities to the order of thousands at low cost. in addition to intelligent sense of touch across eight dimensions including temperature, force, pressure, shear, and even pain, our system can sense proximity without physical contact, and can display high-resolution images and videos.

Our cutting-edge tactile sensing technology can also process tens of millions of individual receptors simultaneously, offering unprecedented sensitivity and resolution, and setting it apart from existing systems such as smartphones and touchpads which can process only 2 touch points at a time. Through this system we can transfer over ten million sensor data to a computer through only a single USB cable.

This technology truly has the potential to revolutionize reality as the way we currently experience. By creating robots that are more like humans, turning any surface into a touchscreen, improving safety in autonomous vehicles, providing tactile feedback to surgical robots to improve health outcomes, and giving opportunity to build prosthetics as if they were real limbs, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. in a report about our technology, NASA Engineers described it as “Certainly a Worthwhile Achievement“, a great honor that motivates us to continue innovating and contributing to a betler future.


The potential sectors include Robotics, Automotive, Surgical Robotics, Medical Devices, Autonomous Vehicles, Security & Defense, Avionics, Space Exploration, Automation, COBOTs, Prosthetics, and countless others.