Where will our technology be used?

Where will our technology be used?

To Make Robots Like One Of Us!

Will  be  covered  to  hands  and  bodies of Humanoid  Robots. 

To Convert Everywhere A Touchscreen

Everywhere  can  be  covered   by  our  flexible  touchscreen.

To Explore New Worlds

The     samples    can    be    sensed    from    earth    remotely.

To Make Autonomous Driving Safer

Sensor  can  built  three  hundred  sixty  degrees  3D  map  of  surroundings simultaneously.

To Secure Your Safety

Mine sweeper and bomb disposal robots can work much more precisely.

To Give People Health

Surgery  robots will  have tactile  feedback and  the success of the surgeries will rise dramatically.

… And To Feel Prosthetics As Our Own Limbs