Humans feel touch best at their fingertips through 241 receptors per square centimeter. Former technologies could only provide tactile data with a resolution on the order of 10x. Leveraging our 140 granted international patents and tactile technologies we can efficiently scale the number of receptors beyond human capabilities to the order of thousands at low cost. In addition to intelligent sense of touch across eight dimensions including temperature, force, pressure, shear, and even pain, our system can sense proximity without physical contact, and can display high-resolution images and videos.

Our cutting-edge tactile sensing technology can also process tens of millions of individual receptors simultaneously, offering unprecedented sensitivity and resolution, and setting it apart from existing systems such as smartphones and touchpads that can process only two touch points at a time. We can also transfer over ten million sensor data points to a computer through a single USB cable, minimizing system and integration cost.

This technology is revolutionizing our world by creating robots that are more like humans, turning any surface into a touchscreen, improving safety in autonomous vehicles and COBOTs, and providing tactile feedback to surgical robots to improve health outcomes. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible!
The sectors we are pursuing include Robotics, Automotive, Surgical Robotics, Medical Devices, COBOTs Autonomous Vehicles, Security & Defense, Avionics, Automation, and countless others.

Very High Resolution

This system is the first to provide sense of touch beyond human resolution. This sensor system makes it possible for robots and other devices to have the sense of touch like humans…

… and beyond.

Senses The Shape Of The Object

Exceptional resolution in X/Y axes enables the sensor to feel the shape of the object.

Senses The Depth Of The Object

In addition to the outstanding resolution in the X/Y axes, the sensor can feel the depth of the object in the z axis.

Proximity (Pre-Touch) Sensing

The Sensor can sense even without touching, which enables it to be used for safety purposes. This feature is crucial at Cobots and industrial robots especially when they are working very close to humans.

Very High Sensitivity

Sensitivity can be adjusted as low as mg range and up to kilogram ranges – extremely dynamic and versatile.

Show Images

Sensors can be a more robust touch screen with all advantages of our sensor technology.

Compact Data Transfer

In former systems, When the sensor density is increased, the data transmission becomes impossible or impractical due to high costs. We can transfer over ten million sensor data to computer over only a single USB cable.


This sensor system makes it possible for the available number of simultaneous tactile sensing data to be equal to the number of receptors individually, which can expand to tens of millions. In contrast, smartphone touch pads can process a total of only two touchpoints at a time.

Force, Pressure, Pre-Touch & Temperature Sensing

In addition to the three axes touch, pressure and proximity sensing, our sensor has the capability to sense temperature.

Skin Like Flexible Design

System is constructed of all bendable materials which give us the chance of covering non-uniform shaped mechanical systems.

Low Power Consumption

System power consumption is minimal, far below the limits of a standard USB port. Our patents include further reduction in power consumption as well.

Immune to Magnetic Interference

As data is transferred by light, the system is unaffected by  magnetic fields.

3D Scan

Sensor can three dimensional scan objects*.

* Future Versions

Project Images And Video

The system can Project images and video.