Magic silicone can convert any flexible surface into a touch surface

Magic Silicone is a thin and dark colored silicone pad designed to measure/quantify touch and convert it to digital data. It can be manufactured at any uniform or non-uniform shape. It is essentially a touch surface that provides data when pressure is applied onto it. When a stimulus is applied to the magic silicone pad, it changes color proportionally to the magnitude of the force applied. 

Sensobright Smart Surface technology contains our unique silicone (Magic Silicone) that changes color proportionally in response to any force or pressure applied to it. it is one of our 5 US and 100+ internationally patented technologies. Magic Silicone creates a force map on the surface based on color intensity, allowing for the analysis of force distributionSmart Surface technology is compatible with any pliable surface, including textilesplastics, and metals, and is resistant to fluids and magnetic interferences, allowing for versatile use under harsh conditions. Using a camera and computation unit, the force map is converted into digital data through image processing, providing valuable insights in real-time.

Sensobright Smart Surface can even function as a touchpad itself, providing touch data from the flexible layer which is added on top. This layer can be made of any flexible material, such as artificial leatherfabric, or even paper, and can be in any uniform or non-uniform shape, presenting endless possibilities for customization. Surgeons or dentists could use a Smart Surface powered touchpad while wearing gloves covered in bodily fluids. Your everyday couchembedded with Sensobright Smart Surface, could control your TV like a remote or operate your computer like a mouselmagine opening your car windows or controlling its multimedia system just by touching or sliding your fingers on the armrest’s leatherSensobright Smart Surface turns this into a reality with the magic inside!


Magic Silicone’s force measurement resolution and sensitivity are unique because they are adjustable to meet any specific need. Magic silicone can be sensitive to as low as 10 grams or as high as 10 kilograms

Multi-Touch and
gesture recognition

Magic silicone can measure, track and convert 10+ stimuli into digital data simultaneously. One can control the peripherals by sliding fingers on any surface which is converted to a touch surface by magic silicone. Some examples are but not limited to control the multimedia system, dim the volume of the sound etc.

Shape Recognition

The stimulus on the magic silicone creates a force map which is proportional to the applied force enabling to acquire the depth of the input and reconstitute the shape of the object by using image processing techniques.

depth recognition

Besides the great resolution in X/Y axes, the sensor can feel the shape of the object in Z axis.


Silicone is a highly flexible substance and it can be used to conform any given shape. A flat or a curvy surface can be covered by magic silicone at ease.

Modular Design

The silicone cartridge is modular and there are different silicone cartridges for different working ranges, varying between 10 grams to 10 kilograms.

Mobility / light data stream

Magic Silicone is a Plug&Play device. Magic silicone requires only a single USB connection regardless of its measurement surface size or force measurement resolution or simultaneous input recognition quantity.

Harsh Working Environment

Measurement surface of magic silicone is immune to fluids or magnetic interferences. For example, a doctor can use a magic silicone powered touch surface perfectly fine while wearing a surgical glove covered with bodily fluids or an excavator operator can use magic silicone with grease covered fingers or gloves.