About the company

NASA engineers have commented on our sensor system by stating it’s “Certainly a Worthwhile Achievement”.

Sensobright Industries LLC, a Delaware company with headquarters in the Pacific North West. We are an industry leading technology development company holding over 100 International patents each centered toward the development and production of optical tactile sensors. Our focus is to further develop the capabilities of our sensors with the objective of licensing them in high tech industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Medical and other tech sectors.

Sensobright has teamed up with Inventram, a division of KOC HOLDING (Fortune 500) company. We have secured multiple rounds of funding beginning in 2020 and again in 2022. Sensobright also has offices in Istanbul Turkey supported by a team of engineers.









All of the US patent applications are granted and the total US patents reached 5, while international patents number reached 100.


Assoc. Prof. Utku Buyuksahin’s “Extra ordinary ability in Science” (O-1A) Visa application approved in 3 days by US Government


As the inventor of Sensobright’s technology, Assoc. Prof. Utku Buyuksahin, Ph.D. has been selected as one of the top 25 scientists across the globe by Falling Walls Foundation, which has President of Nobel Foundation among its board members.


The Technology has been recognized by YTU Technopark with “Star of Innovation” award


Dr. Utku Buyuksahin has been selected as “Innovator of the Month” by the Gazzetto Newspaper.


Sensobright Industries Projects ‘Fingertip Sensor’ and ‘Magic Silicone’ are accepted by TechConnect Innovation Challenge among 2500 applications to be presented at the expo in Washington, DC during June 13-15, 2022


Sensobright Industries LLC is selected as ‘Top 10 Sensor Technology Solution Providers 2022’ by Applied Technology Review and will be the cover story of Sensor Technology Special Issue.


Sensobright Industries manufactured fingertip and palm tactile sensors with higher (compared to humans) spatial resolution, an antrophormic hand at 10 DOF, a robot at 7 DOF and integrated them.


Assoc. Prof. Utku Buyuksahin’s “Extra Ordinary Ability AllienGreenCard application approved in 4 days by US Government


Sensobright has been at the list of first 10 R&D companies in Turkey as for highest patent numbers


NASA Engineers defined the technology as “Certainly a Worthwhile Achievement” in a report about this technology.


National scale 2nd place award among 225 entrants to the “My First Job is Entrepreneurship Project Competition”.


It has been named one of the “Top 10 Projects in Turkey with the Highest Investment Potential” by the “Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology” and METUTECH-BAN (Middle East Technical University Business Angels Network).