Our team

Prof. dr. utku buyuksahın

President & CTO

Utku BUYUKSAHIN is an extraordinary scientist and a decorated engineer who owns B.S. M.Sc. and Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and B.S. in business administration. Dr. Buyuksahin is the founder and CEO of HTMSS LTD and the president and CTO of SENSOBRIGHT INDUSTRIES LLC. Dr. Buyuksahin has more than 100 international patents, including the USA, EPO (Europe) and Japan patents. His expertise lies in but is not limited to robotics, sensors, image processing, motion control, and neuromodulation. In 2019, he has been selected as one of the top 25 scientists across the globe by Falling Walls Foundation, which has President of Nobel Foundation among its board members. He is also a professional illustrator and music composer.

Dr. Ahmet Kirli

Mechanical Engineer

Ahmet KIRLI is a remarkable engineer who holds a Ph.D. specifically on sensor technology. He built the first sensor prototype during his Ph.D. studies that he completed under Prof. Buyuksahin’s supervision. His dissertation is entitled as “Realization and Development of an Optic Based Prototype Tactile Sensor” and he has several related publications and many citations on precious academic journals. Dr. KIRLI is a former assistant professor who works as a senior researcher/engineer for Sensobright Industries LLC. His expertise lies in conducting research and development, designing and manufacturing of high-end optics-based tactile sensors.

Aziz Ercan

IT Specialist

Aziz Ercan is a well experienced IT professional who has accomplished huge number of IT projects for 25 years. He has wide range of expertices in IT sector such as hardware and software system, cross platform integrations. He is capable of building enterprise level networks, account and application based server systems, web based services and many more. Before joining Sensobright Team, he was continuing his career as a founder of  20-year-old company. He has been giving different kinds of IT services like hardware and software based security systems, web development, PBX and voip communication services, network cabling and building automation systems. He has outstanding talent of problem solving and quick adaptation. He is always passionate about his work and handles multiple tasks simultaneously with patience.

Hakan Kutgun

Software Developer

Hakan is an aerospace engineer, certified systems engineer and project manager working towards his PhD in engineering & technology management. He has over 15 years of engineering and project management experience including leading complex R&D projects for defense systems.
Having served as a board member for various non-profit organizations, including Project Management Institute Portland Chapter and United States Students Association, he blends all his experience in engineering and management expertise driving technical projects to success.

İlge İpek

Mechatronics Engineer

Ilge Ipek is a mechatronics engineer who is highly skilled in robotics, IoT, 3D manufacturing and software projects. In addition to his engineering skills, he worked as an expert in video content production and digital marketing in his own company for over 10 years before joining the Sensobright team. He specializes in software and embedded electronic systems along with many years of experience in both 3D printer manufacturing and 3D production. He works on embedded electronic system design, image processing and user interface software development at Sensobright Industries LLC. He also contributes to the digital marketing and content production.

Jim Weatherly

Workshop Supervisor

Jim Weatherly is our machine shop manager and in house machinist. Jim has accumulated in excess of 40 years of experience in the manufacturing disciplines, including being a hands-on manual and CNC machinist, tool maker and industrial designer. Jim has worked in a broad variety of industries including aerospace, sports cutlery, medical, dental and primary wood products. Jim has many years of experience developing automated manufacturing tools and systems and managing all phases of the design process including the primary design and writing operator instructions, service documentation and navigating the regulatory processes.

Luis Esquivel

CTO Assistant

Luis is a decorated combat veteran, who has served 11 years in the United States Marine Corps. Luis currently holds the title of Prof. Utku Buyuksahin’s assistant/ Office manager. Luis’s quick adaptability, analytical skills and persistent nature have proven essential for R&D and day to day operations. Luis possesses an ability to learn highly technical skills in a short amount of time. Luis’s interests include but are not limited to; programming microcontrollers, Python programming, PCB design/ manufacturing, tig welding, manual machining, CNC machining and 3D printing.